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Open Source

Beyond Linux

Open Source is increasing in popularity with businesses of all sizes, and that doesn’t just mean Linux anymore! More and more Open Source products are gaining enterprise capabilities enabling users to reap greater advantages.

With IT infrastructures becoming more and more complex, a more flexible and utilitarian software product is needed for growing enterprises. Whether the architecture is simple or intricate, Open Source is ideal for almost any organization to consider incorporating into their IT portfolio.

According to a recent survey by industry analysts, over 70% of enterprises in the US plan to use more open source in the future. And an increasing number of companies are turning to Strategic Advantage for help and advice.

Flexibility is Popular

Strategic Advantage implements Open Source solutions in a number of areas such as web services, firewalls, proxies (forward & reverse), enterprise content management (ECM) and database servers. Implementing higher standardization by using low cost Open Source solutions enables our clients to focus more on differentiator technologies, achieve greater control with higher-quality software, and save money.

Strategic Advantage's Open Source solutions include:

  • Web Applications
  • Secure & Scalable Web Server / Proxy Deployments
  • Open Source Middleware
  • Support of Open Source Solutions
  • Unix to Linux Porting
  • Dedicated Linux Hosting

There are a host of Open Source products on the market - Linux, JBoss, PHP, Alfresco, Apache, nginx, BIND, Tomcat, MySQL, etc. How does an enterprise know which to consider and why? With Strategic Advantage’s guidance, the selection is easy. We have the tools and methodologies to minimize the risk and simplify the decision making process. Since we also provide implementation and post implementation support, partnering with Strategic Advantage is a win win situation.

It is clear that demand for Open Source products (like Linux) is escalating. Having been developed around 28 years ago, not many operating systems get to reach the age of 28, and still grow. So why is Open Source adoption becoming increasing more popular? There are several reasons:

  • Since Open Source is just a licensing form, many various applications and application combinations (hybrids) are available for consideration
  • As a freely distributable software, users can change the Open Source code to fit their particular needs
  • The software’s flexibility enables it to be used for a variety of reasons. It acts as a composite of building blocks to construct entire infrastructures or merely parts or sections
  • Open source can be applied horizontally and vertically, depending on the context in which it is to be used (e.g., medical applications, educational software, enterprise resource planning, robotics, and Inventory management)
  • The initial investment in Open Source is much lower than with traditional applications. With little upfront financial commitment required, demand for the software has increased substantially among IT executives
  • Since the technology behind Open Source virtually ignores viruses, the software provides a high security value and minimal risk

We have the resources to provide uncompromised support, the knowledge to handle all types of integration and licensing issues, and the capability to provide our clients with a quality product at a great cost.

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