RoseAnn and Mark Lowe founded the North Carolina based web design and development firm Strategic Advantage in 2002 after serving the corporate technology and finance industry for over 25 collective years. Their company is dedicated to providing robust technology solutions, exceeding customer expectations, and forging solid business relationships. As web design has become more commoditized, the company has expanded into a center of excellence for e-commerce and digital marketing. With the advent of AI the company is embracing this and helping its clients leverage it for greater profitability.

Strategic Advantage employs some of the best programmers, designers and digital marketers in the industry. The company has a dedicated staff that is always striving to provide knowledgeable, honest, and friendly client interactions.

RoseAnn Lowe

Hi there! I’m RoseAnn, a passionate marketing leader and the creative force behind strategic growth initiatives that have transformed brands and scaled businesses. With over 20 years in the marketing sphere, my journey is one of continuous innovation, strategic problem-solving, and a deep love for connecting with people through powerful storytelling.

My adventure began after graduating with a BA in Political Science, which laid the foundation for my analytical and strategic thinking skills. Diving into the world of marketing, I quickly discovered my knack for digital landscapes, e-commerce, and the magic of SEO. Each role, from leading marketing at to spearheading transformations at The Estée Lauder Companies and Sun America, added new layers to my expertise and fueled my passion for making a mark in the digital world.

In 2005, I took the leap to entrepreneurism, founding Heartland Stores Inc. and the Catholic Faith Store. It was more than a business; it was a canvas where I painted my visions, driving growth through innovative e-commerce solutions and creating a brand loved by thousands. My proudest moments include crafting an e-commerce platform that thrived with minimal overhead and seeing our community engagement soar to new heights on social media.

Alongside running my ventures, I've always been passionate about sharing knowledge. Co-founding Strategic Advantage Technology Solutions was a way to empower businesses with tech solutions that spoke their language, turning complex digital challenges into strategic opportunities.

Today, as I look towards the future, my goal remains unchanged: to inspire and be inspired, to drive growth through creativity, and to continue exploring the endless possibilities of marketing and branding. Join me on this exciting journey, and let’s create something amazing together!

Roseann Lowe

Mark Lowe

Harnessing a robust blend of managerial acuity and technical prowess, Mr. Lowe has been the driving force behind pioneering technology solutions at Strategic Advantage, continuously elevating the daily operational experiences of the firm's privileged clientele through meticulously crafted systems.

Before elevating Strategic Advantage to its eminent stature, Mark charted a dynamic career path brimming with leadership roles that spanned continents. His journey embarked at Unisys Corp, where he held pivotal positions that shaped corporate trajectories in both Europe and the US. Mark's expertise caught the eye of Credit Suisse Asset Management, bringing him on board as a technology partner and IT program director, a role that witnessed him weaving innovation through operations in London and New York City.

The turn of the millennium saw Mark steering TechHackers Inc. as President, navigating its seamless integration with the Unisys organization and fostering a powerhouse team that unified wealth management and retail banking consulting under one formidable roof, with him at the helm. Before this, his rich experience entailed a pivotal role at Cap Gemini UK, collaborating with blue-chip titans across diverse European landscapes as an Enterprise Architect and Technical Manager.

An alumnus with honors from Wolverhampton University in the field of Computer Science, Mark is not just a technologist but a thought leader, gracing industry conferences with insights derived from a rich career and featuring in reputable publications such as the American Banker and Wall Street and Technology. His deep knowledge reservoir has also positioned him as a go-to expert on identity theft and online fraud, garnering multiple appearances on the Raleigh/Durham NBC affiliate news.

While his professional journey is a testimony to speed and precision in the corporate domain, Mark harmonizes this with a penchant for velocity in the personal sphere, savoring moments behind the wheel of ultra-fast cars. Join the exciting journey with Mr. Lowe, a visionary who operates at the intersection of speed, strategy, and technology.

Mark Lowe