Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make sure you are winning the SEO Game

Why SEO Matters More Than Ever

Dominating the search results on the major search engines (SERPs) is the key to a scalable online presence to sell your products or services.

To do this you need to understand the key elements to Search Engine Optimization:


It’s now super tough to get as much traffic from social media and other paid channels. The key to evergreen traffic is SEO. Rank high when people search and you will get more business.


SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. To be successful multiple levers need to be pulled. Requires the correct investments to be made spread over time.


Conceptually SEO is simple, but in practice is more complicated. Executing with the right investments and the right strategy will result in long term traffic for your business.

Why SEO Matters More Than Ever

  • If you want to get traffic to your website, it’s important to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Up until about 2015, if you created a blog post with an interesting title and an eye-grabbing picture, you could bet that a lot of people would click on it when they saw it on Facebook.
  • Things have changed dramatically. Facebook realized that they were basically giving free publicity to businesses. So, Facebook started making it much more difficult for businesses to grab people’s attention. If a business wanted to get a lot of exposure, they would have to pay for it.
  • Result: It’s now super tough to get as much traffic from social media. You either need to have a massive following or be willing to pay large amounts to get in front of eyeballs.
  • This is why SEO matters so much. SEO is the process of optimizing your website (pages, blog posts, and more) for search engines like Google. If you understand it and do it right, there is a significant amount of evergreen traffic to be gained from these search engines.
  • Conceptually SEO is simple, it's more complicated in practice. There are trillions of web pages and Google has to be able to understand them and give the relevant ones to searchers. One of the primary goals of SEO is to make your website stand out from everything else.
  • So, how do you make your site stand out in the eyes of Google? We use proven strategies that can get your site, services and content to be seen when people are searching online.

They Say

Rand Fishkin

Founder and CEO of

"Making your website rank on Google amidst the tough competition is no easy task. But, when done the right way, you’ll lead the SEO game in no time."

Rand Fishkin

Neil Patel

Founder and CEO of Neil Patel Digital

"If you are trying to grow your qualified search traffic, you have to combine your content marketing with your SEO efforts."

Neil Patel

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