8 Effective Free Online Marketing Methods

By mark. Published December 23, 2020  

Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. It's the engine that drives growth, attracts customers, and ultimately fuels success. But what if you're just starting out, or your budget is tight? The traditional advertising channels like newspapers, radio, and television can be expensive and often yield minimal return on investment. In today's world, online advertising offers a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

Online advertising offers a unique advantage: it allows you to track the effectiveness of each ad campaign with precision. This means you can tightly control your spending and make data-driven decisions. But here's the good news - there are online marketing strategies that won't cost you a dime. Let's explore these free online marketing methods that can turbocharge your business:

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    Partnering: Imagine teaming up with another brand, business, or individual to offer something truly special to your customers. This collaborative effort not only exposes your business to a broader audience but also expands your email list. This list becomes a powerful tool for future marketing endeavors. Start small with a single campaign, and if it proves successful, consider expanding this mutually beneficial partnership for the long term.
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    Solicit User-Generated Content: User-generated content is a goldmine. It's authentic, relatable, and speaks the language of your customers. Enable comments on your website and actively participate in discussions. Encourage guest posts from experts in your field to generate more valuable content for your audience.
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    Affiliate Marketing: Leverage affiliate programs to have others spread the word about your products or services in exchange for a commission, typically after a sale. If managed through your own domain, this can also boost your website's backlink profile.
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    Be Active on Social Media: Create niche-specific social media pages or groups to engage with a naturally interested audience. Share relevant content, post insights, offer discounts, run surveys, and encourage discussions. The more  engagement you foster, the wider your reach and the higher your sales potential.
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    Use Free Online Tools: Explore the wealth of free online tools at your disposal. These include surveys, email services, and tools for posting to multiple social media accounts. Don't fret about finding the perfect tool; often, the free tier is more than sufficient – remember the 80/20 rule!
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    Re-Purpose Content: Rather than reinventing the wheel with every marketing campaign, repurpose successful content. Save time and resources by adapting content into different formats, such as turning an article into a video or a video into a social media post.
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    Build an Email List: If visitors are landing on your website, chances are they're interested in your offerings. Make it easy for them to join your email list to receive updates on product releases and special offers. Email marketing is a potent tool for driving sales.
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    Create Video Content: In the age of YouTube and TikTok, video content is king. Creating engaging videos can spark interest in your brand and attract a younger audience.

Remember, online marketing doesn't have to break the bank. While these methods may require time and effort to implement, they're valuable assets for the long term. Building an email list or growing a social media following may take time, but the payoff can be substantial. For more immediate results, consider investing in paid online ads, although they come with the caveat that results stop when you stop paying.

In the world of marketing, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. An effective strategy often combines both free and paid methods to achieve the best results.

So, get creative, start small, and watch your business thrive.

About mark

Mark Lowe is a seasoned e-commerce and digital marketing leader with over 20 years of experience driving business growth through innovative customer relationship management strategies. Mark's experience spans leadership roles at Strategic Advantage, Capgemini, and Unisys Corp., where he spearheaded successful e-commerce initiatives, technology architecture, IT management consulting and championed the use of data-driven tactics to cultivate customer loyalty.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Computer Science from Wolverhampton University. He is a recognized thought leader in the e-commerce space, having spoken at industry conferences and sharing his expertise through published articles. Mark has also made multiple television appearances as an expert in online security.

Mark Lowe is currently an executive and active consultant with Strategic Advantage, a firm specializing in e-commerce strategy and digital marketing solutions.

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