Are you Maximizing Conversion Rates from Product Reviews?

By mark. Published November 16, 2020  

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, it's crucial to explore every avenue that can boost your online store's performance. One such avenue, often overlooked, is the power of product reviews. Research abounds on the impact of incorporating product reviews into your e-store, and the results are compelling. Allow us to delve into the world of product reviews and discover how they can not only elevate your sales but also enhance your online presence and customer trust.

Harnessing the Potential of Product Reviews

Let's start with a striking statistic from Practical eCommerce: a whopping seventy-six percent of customers rely on online reviews when making their purchasing decisions. This fact alone underscores the importance of integrating product reviews into your e-commerce strategy.

Strengthening Supplier Relations

Consider this - eBags, an e-commerce stalwart, has discovered that product reviews are not just beneficial for customers but also for suppliers. With firsthand insights into the products they sell, eBags often possesses a more in-depth knowledge than the manufacturers themselves. This knowledge, gleaned from customer reviews, empowers them to serve their clientele better.

Expanding Your Digital Footprint

One of the often-underestimated advantages of product reviews is their positive impact on search engine optimization (SEO). When customers contribute reviews that are relevant to your products, your website's content becomes richer, more diverse, and better indexed by search engines. In essence, this organic content growth can significantly boost your search engine ranking, putting you ahead of the competition.

Building User Engagement and Trust

Moreover, product reviews fuel increased user engagement. Visitors tend to return more frequently to read newly posted reviews, especially if you provide RSS feeds that keep subscribers updated. As an added bonus, offering a rating and review system can give you a competitive edge, luring customers away from competitors who do not provide this feature.

The trust factor cannot be overstated. Word of mouth is a potent marketing tool, and product reviews capitalize on this trust. Shoppers hold genuine trust in the feedback provided by fellow consumers, and your rating/review system will bolster trust in your e-store.

Amplifying Word of Mouth Marketing

Some rating/review systems go a step further by including a recommendation component. This allows visitors to share products with friends via email, facilitating word-of-mouth marketing. Harnessing this feature can expand your reach beyond traditional advertising channels.

A New Perspective: Quality Control

Adding to the list, let's discuss quality control. Your customers are your best critics. They won't hesitate to provide feedback through reviews, especially if they find a product lacking in quality. While some might reach out directly, many will choose to voice their concerns through reviews. Consistent poor feedback should be a signal for you to reconsider offering a particular product in your inventory.

Strategies for Garnering Reviews

Now, let's address the vital issue of how to solicit product reviews effectively. It's tempting to enable anyone to post reviews on your product pages, but this approach can lead to a decline in review quality. The open nature of such systems invites abuse, with competitors, suppliers, and disgruntled individuals posting fake reviews that can damage your credibility.

So, here are three alternative strategies for obtaining high-quality product reviews:

Third-Party Review Services

Consider employing a third-party review service. These services are known, reputable entities that can yield a high conversion rate for product reviews. However, they can be costly. If you prefer outsourcing this task to save your staff's time, be cautious of how the service provider delivers the reviews for display on your site. If they use frames or other techniques that make the content invisible to search engine crawlers, it can impact your SEO efforts.

Proactive Automatic Follow-Up

Another approach, exemplified in our My EZ Store platform, is the proactive automatic follow-up. After a customer's order has shipped, an email is sent containing a summary of the order and a link to a secure review page on your store site. This method simplifies the review process for customers, resulting in a lower review rate but exceptionally high-quality reviews. Merchants have the option to accept or reject comments, but they cannot edit the text. Implementing this approach has been shown to boost sales significantly, as customers place high trust in these reviews.

Quality, Follow-Up, and Customer Service

Thirdly, merely offering product reviews on your e-commerce platform won't automatically yield the benefits outlined above. Instead, the emphasis should be on quality, follow-up, and excellent customer service. If a customer voices concerns in a review but doesn't demand a refund, consider proactively reaching out to replace the product. Such gestures can transform a dissatisfied customer into a loyal, repeat customer, contributing to the long-term profitability of your online store - don't underestimate the power of word-of-mouth. This in turn can result in a review that you wouldn't have received.

Notably, these principles of quality control, follow-up, and exceptional customer service are core functionalities seamlessly integrated into our My EZ Store e-commerce platform. We understand that fostering trust and building lasting relationships with customers are paramount in today's competitive digital marketplace. Our platform empowers you to effortlessly implement these strategies and reap the rewards, ensuring your e-store stands out in the online retail landscape.

In the world of e-commerce, product reviews are a potent yet often underestimated tool. They have the potential to boost sales, enhance SEO, engage users, and build trust among customers. Seventy-six percent of shoppers rely on online reviews when making purchasing decisions, making them a crucial aspect of any online business.

Beyond their impact on consumers, product reviews can establish a symbiotic relationship with suppliers, providing insights that sometimes surpass even the manufacturers' knowledge. They are instrumental in improving SEO by enriching site content and fostering repeat visits, thereby enhancing user engagement. Furthermore, product reviews enable word-of-mouth marketing and recommendations, amplifying your reach.

Every online merchant, regardless of their scale or niche, should be maximizing the use of product reviews in their operations. By doing so, you have the ability to elevate conversion rates, foster trust with customers, and ultimately achieve triumph in the ever-evolving digital retail landscape. Harnessing the power of product reviews is not just a choice but an imperative.

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Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Computer Science from Wolverhampton University. He is a recognized thought leader in the e-commerce space, having spoken at industry conferences and sharing his expertise through published articles. Mark has also made multiple television appearances as an expert in online security.

Mark Lowe is currently an executive and active consultant with Strategic Advantage, a firm specializing in e-commerce strategy and digital marketing solutions.

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